Know How to Do XLS to XLSX Migration In Easy Steps

Microsoft launched its new Office version 2007 with new formats e.g. .xlsx. Because of being a new file type, old Office files are no long continued to support the new format. And thus user who were having XLS file in Office 2003 need to do the XLS to XLSX migration to open the content of XLS file in 2007 Office environment.

Hence, understanding the requirement of users, we along with our technical experts developed a tool name Office Upgrade. This software, upgrade the 2003 or any lower version of Office file into 2007 compatible format. So, if you have any old Excel XLS file that you want to access in new Office environment thenmigrating it to new Office environment will ensure that you would be able to use your old file in new platform and access it data.

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Simple Office File Up-gradation Process With Software

Technical algorithm behind this software has been kept very tough by the developer to make it potentially very strong, but at the same time, its user interface has been kept so easy that even a technically naïve person can use it without making a single mistake. The steps involve in all process.

  • Upload all XLS file in software (User can add multiple MS XLS file in tool by using add files or add folder option)
  • Choose location for saving the file(One can save to its original location only by using the option)
  • Configure the export setting by using Default, Delete source file, add suffix to source file option.
  • Conversion process complete

So, the this tool is very easy, but at the time of conversion few things need to be kept in mind. During bulk migration process "import only one type of file in software"eg. If you need to do Migrate XLS to XLSX in bulk then the entire file imported in software should XLS only.

Why Does It Require to Do The Migration From Old Excel Data

MS Office version 2003 and 2007 differs a lot in terms of function as well as features. This is the reason; the Office file of 2003 version is not compatible with MS Office 2007. If a user upgrades it Office environment form MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2007 and need to access his/her Office 2003 file data in their new Office environment then it is not possible for them to do that. The reason being, format of Office 2003 file is not supportive in 2007 Office. Therefore, to help the users in accessing their Office 2003 file data in Office 2010, the format of old file are being upgraded. And this XLS to XLSX Migrator tool acts as a medium to ensure complete and accurate migration of data.