Working Process - Recover Corrupt NTBackup File!

How to Recover Corrupt NTBackup File? Recovery of NTBackup file process is not at all difficult but on one situation, not to skip a single step otherwise, you are required to begin NTBackup file recovery process again. Given below are the steps to recover NTBackup file follow them systematically and you will get perfect results at your hand.


Go to Start » Programs » BKF Recovery Software


STEP 1: Install the license version of BKF repair tool and launch the program, the following screen appears.



STEP 2: - Next, click on Scan BKF tab on the upper left corner of the screen. The following screen pop up with multiple scanning options.


- Quick Scan: For instant scanning of file with minimum corruption opt for quick scan technique.


- Deep Scan: Severe corruption of BKF file is possible to overcome deep scanning option.


- Range Based scanning: Select the range for scanning the selective portion of BKF file.



STEP 3: - Browse & select the .bkf file from its suitable location. Now Click on the Open button to proceed further.



STEP 4: - The scanning takes few minutes and the screen will appear as below showing the progress status


BKF Loading Process


STEP 5: - As the scaning completes, you can see the BKF file in the tree like structure in the side pane. The screen appear as below.


View BKF File


STEP 6: - Now you need to extract the BKF file. On the Menu bar above, click on tab “extract” and the following screen.


Extract BKF Files


STEP 7: - Now Select the Extract Mode from the available options : Choose Extract at Original Location or Extract at Selected Location.


Click Extract to start the Extraction procedure of recovered BKF File.



STEP 8: - After complete the extraction process, software displays a message window providing the location along with time stamp of the extracted file.